Thanks to my Brandon BSW class

I just wanted to say thanks to my Systemtic Inquiry (SWRK3100) class out in Brandon.  I appreciated your growing interest in research methods and the importance of empirically knowing what we do as social workers really makes a difference.

Your breadth of experience made coming up with real life illustrations easy and I hope cast a vision for how the content of this course could and should be incorporated into your day to day professional work.

As a profession, we are pretty good at sensing intuitively that we are making a difference, many of the people we work with may tell us so.  This is unmistakingly important.

But the benefit of empirically knowing the difference we make is that THIS type of evidence tends to be weighted heavier in the eyes of funders.  It is also an important check and balance to keep our intuition in place.

I would love to hear your comments about the class and any ‘take aways’ that you want to take back to your workplace and/or incorporate into your professional practice.

I enjoyed being a part of your professional journey and congrats to those who are now done their BSW!


Mike Caslor


  1. Penny McKinnon says:

    Hi Mike, Thank you for the kind words. I was very apprehensive taking this course, as I told you, I am not math inclined at all. You helped me realize the importance of math, stats, etc. in our profession. So, thank you.

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