Best Wishes to the Metis Cohort

I have greatly enjoyed my time with you during our Systematic Inquiry in Social Work course.  I have appreciated your breadth of experience and general passion for social services. 

I hope this course has given you tools to be a better informed social workers, one who only embraces practices that are effective and actually make a positive difference for the people we serve.

I look forward to when our paths may cross again.

Enjoy the journey, you will get there.

Mike Caslor


  1. Lori Wieler says:

    Hey Mike! Thanks for a great class! I wish we would’ve had more time together but I definitely learned a lot in the short time that we had! I really appreciate your late nights and ensuring that we got our marks back quickly! Best of luck in all that you do! Take care:)


  2. Desiree Gillespie says:

    Hi Mike, Thanks for the well wishes and same to you. Thanks for being a part of my lerning journey. Your patience, humor and most importantly your teaching skills are a virtue not too many have. The course challenged me and I always apprecite that. Take Care 🙂


  3. Lesley Sembaluk says:

    Hi Mike,
    Just as Desiree and Lori said, it was a great learning experience. I greatly enjoyed the class and enjoyed your teaching and your patience. Definitely look forward to taking more classes with you, if possible.

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